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Dragster is one of a limited number of high-end brands which in a short space of time have won themselves a place of prime importance among audiophiles. And it doesn’t stop there because Dragster has fast gone on to become the leader among all those brands which guarantee outstanding performances. Dragster originated in 1997, the brainwave of a group of people in Europe passionate about car audio.
Since then it is has achieved an incredible level of distribution and is present today in 40 European, North American and Asian countries. Dragster has made its mark thanks to its vanguard set-up, its policy of employing the very latest technologies available and the great results achieved wherever a Dragster system has been installed. It boasts over 140 products including three range of amplifiers, speakers of every type and need, and accessories, including those used in installation – all adding up to give you a well-balanced and extremely reliable range of product to choose from. Each component has a precise role in the creation of a high-performance car audio system and is able to satisfy even the most exacting of customers. Whether you’re fitting an intense SPL competition system or just simply upgrading the factory fitted speakers your car come with a couple of coaxial speaker, Dragster will always come up with the ultimate solution for your car audio system.
It’s no mystery to us why we’ve had such rapid success and world-wide acclaim the answer lies in the very simple philosophy which is embodied by our logo,

Technology: our job every day is to create products, continually bring them up to date, try them out on the numerous test cars we have available and collect feedback from car audio installers and from the most qualified technicians in the sector. Dragster product may be born in our workshops but they are only deemed ready for production and the market after ends test and refining.

Quality: we call our products ‘high-end’ because they are right at the very top of the pyramid formed by the best brands in the sector. What this means is, our components not only give stunning sound quality but are also designed to last. We believe that if you choose to upgrade the factory-fitted audio components in your car with our product, then it’s our job to make sure it’s street ahead in quality and that it’ll continue to perform well for a long time to come. But that’s not all! We also feel it’s of prime importance to make sure that if you install our components you will always be able to add to and expand the system, should you want to do so, because each new component will always be compatible with the ones you’ve already installed.

Service: on the rare occasion one of our components doesn’t function perfectly, Dragster guarantees an immediate and rapid repair service with the aim not only of getting your audio system working again as soon possible but, above all, of making sure that the component in question will continue to work perfectly for a very long time to come.

Design: Dragster products make use of the warm colours and shapes associated with Italian design, world famous for its fashion and its cars, colours and shapes which for centuries have been knowingly and lovingly used with success. We took inspiration when designing the chassis for the DAF amplifiers, ‘The Dragster flagship’, from the rear-end of an Italian sport car; whereas the flames which seem to burst out of the packaging which wraps and protects the products, evoke the passion of sunsets, latin music and dancing during the long Mediterranean nights.

Prices: thanks to our high level of distribution and our streamlined company structure we are able to keep the price/performance ratio at a level which makes us highly-competitive in all markets. And it’s precisely because we’ve kept this in mind that we’ve never disappointed the expectations of car audiophiles up to now. You can place your trust in Dragster and in the vast number of highly professional Dragster installers and dealers. What we and they are proposing you is a long-lasting quality audio system. In the following pages you will find a synthesis of all the components we produce with our enthusiastic work for your great passion.


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